Vader Through
the Years

Big Van Vader has wrestled in tournaments all over the world, including America, Europe, the Middle East, and Japan. Below is a summary of many of the tournaments that he has taken part in. In tournaments with a set ranking at the end, Vader was in the Top 4 over 70% of the time and won over 25% (these exclude the Royal Rumbles, since they are a different style of match then a regularly structured tournament but are included for the sake of being as complete as possible).

1991 - 4th in Block   1991 w/ Tatsumi Fujinami - 1st Overall  

1999 - 1st Overall 2000 - Lost in Semi Final 1998 w/ Stan Hansen - 2nd Overall 1999 w/ Johnny Smith - 3rd Overall

Catch Cup Berlin 1987 from 10/29/87 to 11/8/87 - 1st Overall WWF World Tag Team Title Tournament from 6/16/97 to 7/6/97 - Lost in Quarter Final
New Japan IWGP Heavyweight Title Tournament on 4/24/89 - 1st Overall  
WCW Nintendo Top Ten Challenge Tournament from 1992 - First Round Elimination  
WCW King of Cable Tournament on 12/28/92 - Lost in Finals  
WCW European Cup from 3/3/94 to 3/20/94 - Lost in Finals  
UWF-I Best Of The World 1994 Tournament - 1st Overall  
WWF Royal Rumble 1996 - 12th Wrestler Eliminated  
WWF King Of The Ring in June of 1996 - Lost in Semi Final  
WWF Middle East Cup on 12/2/96 - Eliminated in Quarter Final  
WWF Royal Rumble 1997 - 26th Wrestler Eliminated  
WWF European Title Tournament from 2/20/97 to 3/3/97 - Lost in Semi Final  
WWF Kuwait Cup 1997 from 4/9/97 to 4/13/97 - Lost in Semi Final  
WWF Royal Rumble 1998 - 21st Wrestler Eliminated  
WWF King Of The Ring in June of 1998 - Lost in Qualifying  
NOAH GHC Heavyweight Title Tournament from 3/18/01 to 4/25/01 - Lost in Semi Final  


Tournaments Participated In: 22
Tournament Top 4 Finishes: 14
Tournament Wins: 5

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